Rush Chiropractic

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I was born and raised in Durban, South Africa in a seaside town called The Bluff. From a relatively young age I knew I was interested in a career that involved healthcare. I left South Africa at 18 to go and travel and it was during these travels that I first discovered chiropractic which excited me from the beginning. When I returned home I applied to study chiropractic at The University of Johannesburg. I qualified in 2012 and opened my first practice in Bryanston, Johannesburg.
In 2016 I was offered an opportunity to move to Ireland and welcomed the new challenge and adventure. I have been in Ireland ever since and have been working at Clontarf Chiropractic. I have recently decided to branch out and set up my own subsidiary clinic in Rush.
My treatment involves more than just chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy. I also focus on soft tissue techniques such as deep tissue massaged and dry needling. My special interests involve sport and nutrition and my hobbies and passions include triathlon(mainly the open water swimming part) and cooking. I have also spent some time reading and doing courses on functional medicine that incorporate natural ways to heal chronic conditions through food and nutraceuticals.
I am a full member of the CAI and I have an ECCE recognised Masters degree in Chiropractic


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